Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Parting the Clouds

Six weeks in.
Madden is starting to smile. I am looking forward to Christmas in Minnesota and I'm loving this invention called Maternity leave. My mom came to Australia and left again. It was great to have another set of arms to hold this little girl and jiggle her and settle her through some of that bad period. I would listen as my mom would talk with Madden about the weather, her future, her relatives, and on and on. It was so cute. Madden is a much more contented baby than she was just a few weeks back. She still returns to her feral state from time to time, but overall, life is SO MUCH BETTER.
At the end of my mom's visit, we even managed a three day trip to Tasmania. We took the overnight ferry accross the straight and Madden slept through. Now Eric wants to move to a houseboat!

I realize I never announced the winner of the due date guessing game... Christine Chovan was the closest with a vote that was just one day and one ounce off. Christine's guess was 30th/Girl/8lb, 6oz. An honorable mention goes to Amy Brenengen with a guess of the 30th/Girl/8 pounds 1 oz. Here is a photo of Christine, so that you can all look at her and say, "Congratulations, Good prediction Christine."

It took having a child to finally get around to it, but I did post a bunch of photos online. Pictures of our little girl, our wedding, and some of our travels around Australia can be viewed. The link is http://adventuresofeande.shutterfly.com/ and the password is Madden
(of course).