Thursday, September 20, 2007

July 14th

Can we talk about our wedding? We left so quickly that I feel cheated out of my right to talk about this for months on end. Dang. 10 years of dating, finally setting a date, and then Poof, we leave the country. The international move is getting all of the attention. It’s very unfair of Australia to occupy all the limelight.

I don’t want to forget about the bigger event that just happened - our wedding! I wish to give it its rightful place of honor and go on about it until I feel full and satisfied. September 14 just came and went here and neither of us even thought about it...we’ve been married exactly 2 months. Eight weeks only. Shouldn’t we get to bask in newlyweddedness for 12 months?

So…let us begin the wedding banter. I would like to start by saying that we had SO much fun. I guess that’s the thing that no one ever tells you about…your own wedding is an absolute blast!

Standing at the main doors of Lutsen Lodge on Friday night and seeing people we know stream through the door was unbelievable to us. Eric and I kept saying, “look, there’s so and so…” and each time it was said with surprised shock as if we couldn’t believe the luck of running into someone we knew at such a remote location.

There was so much to do in the planning and details for the weekend that we got lost in it all and woke up just in time to revel in it and enjoy the events as they unfolded. I think one just goes on and on with the planning and suddenly the day is there. Wow, it’s really happening. We were so wrapped up in all the details that we forgot there would be an actual event at the end of it all. And what a wonderful event it turned out to be; we were honored by number of friends and family who came to celebrate with us, we were blessed with beautiful weather, and we were indebted to all who used their talents to help us make the weekend unique. Thank you all for dancing, celebrating, participating, witnessing, laughing, enjoying yourselves, tipping a few back, enjoying the food, enjoying each other, and smiling back at us. I have never had more fun and more meaning in a weekend in my life. Eric and I sat at our little table on Saturday night and just looked out at all of you and smiled. I think I’m normally a half empty kind of gal, but that night I felt full. My head spins when I think about it.

There. That’s good for now. I’m satisfied with wedding speak, but bear with me if I go on about it from time to time even though this is our ‘Aussie’ blog. Tonight it’s about the wedding for me, not Australia.


abmartinka said...

I don't think I've ever seen two people smile with so much love and meaning. It was a great weekend and we should thank you for finally figuring it out!
The only thing that Joy says about the wedding is that the "butterflies" bit her ankles and it hurt! She still talks about it. Get over it Joy!

otrey3 said...

Hey, guys, you WERE cheated of the wedding talk, and so were we! It was fantastic. You both looked dynamite and happy and fulfilled. I'm so glad you've tied the knot and feel the joy of that "love" security. It is real, I tell you (the feeling). Heck I'm going to cry AGAIN. Don't let another monthiversary pass again without going out for a great dinner.--LOBS

AmyKay said...

It was just a beautiful wedding. I was just talking with someone about how nice it was to be surrounded by such great people while AT your wedding. You are quality friend gatherers. So, bring it up again.

kakarandy said...

Happy 2 month anniversary! You revel to your heart's content! I can't even tell you how much it meant to me to be there!

Beautiful wedding photos, by the way! We'd love to see MORE!

c3designs said...

Ok, Funny thing, I was just with Matt B. tonight and he gave me all the photos from the wedding. So I've spent my evening reliving your wedding as well.
You two had a great wedding, and it was so much fun to be part of it. Great job on all the planning, and coordinating, and orchestrating. Hopefully, one of these days, I'll have a little slide show to send you of the whole weekend.

Anna said...

I was also just talking about your wedding with some friends (Leah and Brendt from Grand Ole' Day?)and trying to describe for them just how beautiful it was. We loved every minute of it and felt so honored to be able to share it with you. It was so beautiful, so perfect. I still smile every night when I put my jewelry in the polka-dotted pottery dish. It truely is the wedding favor that keeps on giving :)
Have I mentioned that we miss you?

Matthew said...

Christine and I just did a wedding, which was really a renewal of vows after one year of marriage. It was disheartening to see the bride so bored by the whole thing. We were amazed (and heartened?) by how happy two people who have been dating for a decade could be at their wedding. Matt