Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Where is the Crowd?

Sunday was the Melbourne Marathon. It is a rather large event that is sponsored by Samsung, not unlike the Twin Cities/Medtronic marathon. Since neither of us was in any shape to run this year, we had to be content to stand on the sidelines and watch with the rest of the mob. The route took the runners down the road where we used to live, so we knew that mile marker 24 (don’t ask me to convert that to kilometers) would be a good place to watch. Since Beth’s boss was running the half marathon we wanted to time our arrival to the race where we could see him pass. Quickly we jumped in the car, drove down Toorak road near St. Kilda road where we were sure to spot him. Hoping we could get close enough for a good parking space, Beth sped down the road and we were in luck. As we were pulling up a spot opened not two blocks away from the runners. Off in the distance we could see people running, how fun to be a part of the crowd to cheer these people, who had worked so hard to get in shape, on. To our surprise there was no one there. Even the volunteers for the race seemed to be too busy talking to each other to cheer these people on. Being the experienced marathon/half marathon support people that we are, we started cheering. GO RUNNERS!!! clap clap clap YOU LOOK GOOD!!! clap clap clap YOU LOOK STRONG !!! clap clap clap. I think we actually frightened most of the people. We had a few of the runners smile and say thank you, but for the most part we just were on the receiving end of strange looks. Fortunately we did see Beth’s boss and he seemed appreciative of our loud, obnoxious cheering.

Now that we have a car it is much easier to do things like go out of town or go shopping. We have needed to make a Target run for some time now, so we took the opportunity. Yes they do have Target stores here, and as you all know the Target run is an essential part of living. We drove to what would be considered the Mall of America so we could get all of our shopping done in one place. After visiting a few stores it was time to go to Target. We picked up a few things and then started looking for the essentials:
Soap, laundry detergent, toothpaste, toilet paper, etc etc.
None of these things are found at Target. After further inquiry, we found out from the Target employees that these things are found at Coles, a grocery store. You now may be asking yourself “what is Target good for”? We have asked that of ourselves and are still looking for an answer.
By the way, when we Skyped with Matt, Andy, and Alice, the other day we showed them the little sculpture that we brought with us and Alice exclaimed "oh look, it's Woodchip". So I guess we have a name.

One of the more fun activities that we can now do is go for a drive in the country. The Mornington peninsula is about an hours drive south of here, and the Yarra valley is about a 45 minute drive northeast. Both of these places are known for wine. We have now been to both places and would recommend the Pinot Noir. Not only do they have wineries but other fun places to visit as well. In Healesville we discovered a dam that was built around 1900 to act as a water catchment and reservoir for the city of Melbourne. We spent the better part of a day walking around and quite pleased with ourselves that we had found this place. What we didn’t know was that Healesville is known for the animal sanctuary. You can imagine the amount of teasing we get when people find out that we went to some dam instead of a blissful place full of roos and wallabies.
Just for a sense of scale, that is me standing next to the dam.
That's all for now.
We miss you.


otrey3 said...

Eric and Beth,

The manmade stuff is just as interesting! That structure is HUGE! Like the Hoover? I can just see you cheering on the runners and getting goofy looks in return. Teach the Aussies how to be supportive. The new Midway Target is impossible to figure out, too. I'm on a total "Target stinks" campaign these days. -Laura

Anna said...

Eric -

All I can say is that Brandon would be proud of your dam road trip. That will most definitely be on his list of things to see when we come to visit : )


Ana Orrison said...

I've been slacking on reading the blog; things have been tough with Justin, school, and work. Life's getting better though, and I'm having a lot of fun.

I really miss you guys. Eric, my cell phone wallpaper is a picture of you looking very college-y at your going away party. It reminds me that I do have some cool family members, even if they are halfway across the world.

I have dug out my webcam and bought a headset, so now I too have Skype! Just look for me as ana.orrison. I am usually up ‘til crazy hours of the morning (doing homework...) so feel free to give me a call!

Oh yeah, last thing, I'm kind of a little bit scared, I'm only a teenager for another 20 days! Tell me I'm still the little girl with the self-haircut in the Toys-for-Tots commercial and that I don’t need to grow up just yet. I know nothing’s really going to change, but it still feels weird. Probably not quite as weird as packing up and moving to Australia.

Love you both, talk to you soon!

Kristi said...

You guys sound like you are doing it right! Thanks for posting your adventures - it is nice to live it vicariously through you! We still plan on making it out there before you go. XOXO, Kristi

otrey3 said...

Me again. The tree is absolutely enormous, too. What kind was it?

amybonnema said...

Okay, I'm becoming slightly obssessed with reading your adventures and want more! Hope its not too crazy for you both. And, I'm with Laura, you're not missing much with the Midway Target, but did that other store give you good feelings like a good old regular Target? Hmmm...

Marcus said...

Ok guys, Oct 8th since your last post. There must a lot going on. Unless you want me to start calling and asking questions you will be repeating the answers to several times, it is time to catch up.

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