Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Crying Fools

Her Turn:

Mothers Day almost came and went without a word from Eric. I’m not a mom (or mum over here) yet and we agreed not to do anything for either mum’s or dad’s day. Still, it felt a little weird that we managed to go out to breakfast, see lots of babies, and walk through the flower market and have Eric not utter a word about what’s going on in our lives. He was noticeably silent regarding the implications of the day and I actually started to feel a bit bad about it.

I really tried to let it go. After all, I was the one who said I didn’t need any attention that day and I couldn’t give him a hard time for my own oversight regarding my feelings. My mom called late in the afternoon to wish me a happy day. She asked what Eric had done for me and I had to sneak out of the room with the phone and explain that he hadn’t said a word all day. She tried to be bright and sunny about it, but I think even she believed it to be a bit atypical of Eric.
Finally, when the day was over and I decided to hit the hay around 11 pm, I peeled down the covers to find a good American magazine (Oprah) and a card. The Mum’s day card was written as if it was the kid talking and it said how happy it was to meet me. OK, so sappy…but I burst into an unexpected flood of tears. I didn’t even know I was that emotional. I thought I was a bit blue, but nothing of the magnitude required to cause this strong outpouring of feelings.
Apparently the card and mag had been there all day long. Eric kept thinking I would take a nap at some point and discover it.
I think I cried for a solid 20 minutes. I was laughing and crying and sobbing all while Eric threw Kleenex at me and laughed with me.

His Turn:

Last Sunday we met some friends for breakfast and they presented us with a wrapped up gift. We opened it up to find a little white onesie for the baby. It was our first-ever-baby-item. I was looking at it and pulled it out to have a good gaze at how small it was when I was started to hear Eric choke up. We had all been focused on looking at the onesie and when we directed our attention to Eric, he just waved us away and said, “I’m a little overwhelmed…it’s all so real…stop looking at me.” He had wet eyes and couldn’t face us. Luckily, he was trapped on the inside of the booth and so he couldn’t ignore us. He just kept choking up and admitting to being “touched, overwhelmed, and happy.”
Gotcha sweetie! Want a tissue?


Anna said...

So your crying makes me cry too! We have had several friends have babies and become pregnant since January and I have to say, that there have been many times that I have cried with (and without) them, marveling at the small size and cuteness of the baby clothes, holding the baby for the first time or watching the new mom and dad with their baby, obviously in love. It's an amazingly emotional thing! OK, OK - enough of the Hallmark card sappy material. Beth, did you REALLY think Enrique wouldn't get you anything? As for the Oprah magazine, it's the gift that keeps on giving. Beth, you are the one you got me hooked on that magazine, to which I now subscribe, and eagerly await each month.

Ann/SIL said...

I told you he was sensitive!

otrey3 said...

Ohhh, awww, sniff. You two!

Susanica said...

Okay Beth. These are both VERY adorable stories and I've decided that the next time you come to the US for a visit you have to come to DC. You see, I'd like to meet Eric...he sounds like sounds like a keeper ;-) And of course we can't wait to meet your little one. -Monica (and Su and Danny)