Sunday, July 20, 2008

What a Difference a Year Makes

One year ago we started something new. Now look, everything is different. We are happy and look forward to the next adventure that will be coming in a few months.
We decided to take a trip for our anniversary, besides it won’t be too long before Beth is not allowed to fly. There were already some apprehensive looks on the part of the cabin crew as we boarded our flight. Somehow they must have known in advance that we will be parents soon because they put us in the “family” section, babies and toddlers all around, and for good measure bratty teenagers behind us. We picked up on some parenting techniques, good and bad. We can only hope that our new one will travel well.

Tasmania was beautiful. We had found accommodation through the Lonely Planet guide, and they did not steer us wrong. Cute little theme cottages that are within walking distance of the center of Launceston. Ours was the “Welsh” cottage complete with a large tub and chamber pot. The tub is for use, the pot for decor. Beth pretended to sit in the parlor waiting for gentleman callers whilst I sipped tea in the kitchen.

Some friends had told us about Freycinet National Park and the excellent hiking there. I was a bit dubious about the hiking, but Beth reassured me that she is “pregnant, not an invalid”, and she is always up for that sort of thing. I love that about her. After the park ranger eyed the bump under Beth ’s jacket she told us that it is a three hour strenuous hike….it didn’t matter as we wanted to see the famous wineglass bay. The beach at wineglass bay was ranked by Outside magazine as one of the top ten most beautiful beaches in the world. Apparently since that ranking, many a tourist and family have shown up at the park headquarters and asked for directions to drive to the beach. The only problem is that the beach is only attainable through a strenuous 1.5 hour one way trip. There is no road. Showing up in beach gear with flip flops isn’t going to get a person very far. Maybe the difficult hike is what keeps the beach so beautiful.

The beach definitely was worth the trip. However, we both admit that we missed a GREAT photo opportunity. Last year at our wedding, Beth posed on the rocks at Lutsen with the blue waters of Lake Superior stretched out behind her. Now, I’ll include that photo, but I’ll also include a photo of the rocks at Wineglass bay. Why, oh why, didn’t we put Beth and her rounded belly up on the rocks and reenact the same photo. Exact title of this missing shot would be “One year later”.

In addition to the hike at Freycinet, we toured the natural beauty of Launceston and enjoyed a great lunch in a restaurant that was fashioned out of an old barn. Tasmania is green and lush and beautiful. It’s a bit like Portland , Oregon meets Alaskan fishing village. It’s only a short flight from Melbourne , but its island setting makes the climate completely different. It’s cooler, but more temperate year round and rainy. Launceston is the second largest city, but it felt more like a bustling little town. No traffic, no large buildings, a complete 180 from our mini New York setting where we now reside.

We are home now, and tucked in to our new city awaiting the arrival of our wee one. No airline will take Beth as a passenger from this point on and any travel we do will be by car. We are living vicariously through the travel stories of our other expat friends who seem to be flying everywhere.

For us….we have reached the milestone of one year of marriage and so much has happened so fast in our lives. Let the nesting begin.


Susanica said...

Hi Beth and Eric. Cool pics--you're right that would have been cool as a one year later pose. Beth, I'm very impressed by your athleticism--must be that hearty Vis PE you were grounded in ;-)

Thanks for your note congratulating us on baby number 2. It's all very exciting. Have a wonderful day and post often okay? This is going to be a great journal for your baby to read one day! -Pep

otrey3 said...

Hi! I'd have loved the picture of Beth on the beach, but the two of you in your Welsh cottage in Tasmania makes for good shots, too. The beach-- it must be the one you sent via postcard, too? Wow.

You've really had an amazing first year of marriage. You'll have wonderful years ahead, too. Happy Anniversary! Hooray for the bump! What a fabulous reason not to fly.

39 weeks and feeling like a hippo over here.


ASinykin said...

I'm so impressed that you made that hike. I remember trying to hike with you both when I was pregnant and I had to use Bear to pull me up the hill! Impressive. And, a year does change a lot. Imagine what next year's anniversary will bring.

Model Girl said...

Hi my Oz buddies....
I am SO EXCITED to hear you are expecting! this is what I get for not visiting your blog more often - late news :-(
Miss you E. and still wish I could have convinced you to be a tv producer.... I sure could use your mad skillz now. HUGS AND LOVE to all - especially that baby in the belly :-)

Anna said...

Beth - I have always been amazed and inspired by your athletic abilities and now I am even more in awe! We took a 1.5 hour hike in Tahoe recently and I was sure my rib had somehow pierced my lung and I was dying. Never mind the condition of my feet... Apparently Steve Madden "tennis shoes" do no offer the appropriate support for such a hiking expedition...
I loved the photos of you in the cottages! Very "Pride and Prejudice". Can't believe it's been a year. Sometimes it feels shorter, but mostly it feels like forever ago. I am reminded every morning and evening of your wedding as I put my jewelry into my pottery favor from your wedding : )