Monday, May 18, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Since writing a blog entry in my head and actually getting one posted are two entirely different beasts, I've decided to copy an idea from someone else's blog. Jenni over at Oscarelli posts what she calls "Random Tuesday's". I've been a bit scatterbrained with my thoughts and ideas and this seems a good way to get the ball rolling. Besides, none of these things are actually enough to be an entry on their own. Let the Randomness begin…

I ran into a customer today that I haven’t seen since before taking maternity leave. She asked how things were going and I went on and on and on. I couldn't help it. She also went on and on about her own two kids. Finally, she asked if I was getting used to being someones mum and I had to pause.
The answer is no. I still don't think of myself as someones mom.
Sometimes when Madden is in her cot sleeping, I sit by her side and thank the lord that she is in my life. Yet I don't think of her as "mine." In my mind she's just this sweet little being that has come to live with Eric and me. Sometime, her real parents will show up at our door and want her back, but until that time, she's staying with us and we are going to have a lot of fun.

On my route home from work, I drive past a beautiful old Victorian church tucked neatly into a neighborhood. Outside the front of the church is a very unattractive black digital sign. It's the type of sign that flashes or scrolls typed bright red words across its length. On Monday evenings the sign boldly flashes the words AA MEETING TONIGHT. So much for that second A.

Apparently we don't have the Greek alphabet in Australia.
Here is the conversation when I had to spell a patients name over the phone…

Me: That’s S as in Sam, E like elephant and K like Kappa….
Other: Don't you mean C like cuppa?
Me: (Pause) That's K as in Kappa
Other: Kappa?
Me: Yes
Other: We don't have Kappa's here

One of our favorite Australian shows is "Bondi Beach Rescue". Yes, the Bondi lifeguards saving people from waves. Not much happens on that show, but it's got great characters and I think we are both fascinated by the fact that life guarding on a beach like Bondi is a career – people do this their WHOLE lives.

My Industry sponsors a big conference each year in early May in the US. The meeting took place last week in Boston and on Friday afternoon I got a call from my two Aussie coworkers who attended the conference. They were drinking and dialing – it was 2:30 in the morning in Boston and they were hanging out with people that I had worked with in Saint Paul. My worlds collided.

Facebook. Still not sure how I feel about it. Privacy invader or fun social outlet?

I remember when we used to go out on Friday and Saturday nights. All grandparents are invited to move to Australia. We need babysitting.

On Mother's Day we went to the Botanical Gardens. The day was one of those rare perfect weather, perfect time of year moments. It was a bit of Indian summer. We walked to our favorite wide expanse of lawn in the park and as when we arrived, we stood in silence. It was a scene from a painting. The green lawn sloped down to the water and rose up the other side. The cityscape was visible in the background and the lawn was dotted with people picnicking, kids playing, and dogs in little plaid sweaters being walked by their owners. We sat on the lawn next to the pram and basked in the sun for an hour. Even Monet couldn't have done justice to that scenery.

I'm thinking about working out. That's a good step. Maybe I will even attempt to put my thoughts into action.
I'm also thinking about reading a book, something other than Baby Love, What to Expect the First Year, The Sleep Easy Solution, Healthy Sleep Habits, or Settling Your Baby.
You get the picture.



Susanica said...

Yeah! Love to see that you are posting again. So maybe every Tuesday? ;-) We had brunch with Amy and Matt and the kids this weekend. Hey, we should have skyped you. Next time okay? -MMonica

ASinykin said...

LOVE The random thoughts concept. Keep it coming. I miss "hearing" your voice.

RE: Mom. I'm five years into and mom = me still doesn't mesh in my head. Not sure if it ever will. What do you think?

So glad you could have a such a picturesque mother's day.

Bugaloo said...

Oh superb! Great updates. So funny, I honestly was just looking at Andy on Sunday and thought, "Wow. What a great kid!" as if he were some other person's child. We miss you all!

Tracey said...

Loved the Kappa story..when we were living in Sydney this actually happened at a KFC.
I ordered some popcorn chicken and a cup of gravy for precious child and asked for a fork, convo follows:
Me: could I please have a fork?
Clerk: A Fork?
Me: yes, a fork, to eat with?
Clerk: we are out of forks, we only have drumsticks.
Me: Drumsticks? I want a FORK?!!
Clerk: we are out, I can get you a drumstick.
Me: Do you eat with a drumstick?
Clerk: I will ask the manager..
comes back, Sorry we are out of forks we only have the drumsticks.
I went back to the table, had a complete meltdown and told my husband he had to get me back to Wisconsin ASAP.
thankfully, after checking with an Aussie friend to make sure that Chooks did not have a part called a FORK..I figured as long as it did not happen again I would be OK.
I like your blog, it makes me remember some of the better memories of our stay there.

AKS said...

Random Tuesday thoughts are fun - I may have to steal it for my blog. Happy belated mother's day! Does it feel wonderful to celebrate the day with a baby that is not living in your tummy : ) I still remember your posting from last year - when you thought Enrique had forgotten to celebrate you, but in reality he had a card and Oprah magazine waiting on the pillow under your covers. It's beautiful here! We miss you.
P.S. I cast my vote on Facebook - as the fun social network : )