Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

I didn’t write a random Tuesday blog last week. I’m saying it was a bye week and I was taking a break. The truth is that we were all sick again. This THING has a hold on us and keeps circulating. Eric had the flu and I had a sinus infection again. Whatever this THING is, it just keeps going round and round and mutating and re-infecting us all again and again. ARGGHHH.

Over the last decade we have witnessed all our friends going through the same thing. They have kids. The kids go to daycare. The kids get sick. Our friends get sick. And so on and so on. Events were cancelled, moved, or forgotten due to all this sickness that kept going around. It was annoying. Back then, I actually believed it was because no one was washing their hands on a regular basis. If only they were a bit more hygienic, they would all maintain their health.
I was stupid. I’m sorry. For what it’s worth, I don’t believe that anymore.

No sign of TomKat. We’ve taken to walking by the place several times a day. There is a 12 foot wall around the place and the gates are always closed. The most action we spotted was a view of an open gate and cleaners and catering company trucks in the circle drive. We will continue our nightly walks by their place. After all, the friendship between Madden and Suri is predestined.

3 year olds and pink permanent marker shouldn’t come in contact. At this point, I do believe the only solution for the linen covered chair in our apartment is re-upholstery.

Pop Quiz –
1. What is the capital city of Australia?
2. Which is bigger – the US or AU?
3. How many states does AU have?
4. What is the population of AU compared to the US?

I am powerless to stop you. Oh, you superb TV shows on DVD, how I love your commercial free ways. I hum your catchy theme songs, celebrate your characters, and can’t resist the way you woo me with your 37 minute episodes. But you are smart. You are well aware that it’s more than 37 minutes when I am unable to tear myself away from your five episodes DVD. Oh, how I marvel at your marketing genius. You have me and I am powerless.
How did you do it Sopranos? How could I have become sympathetic to a bunch of New York mobsters?
And then there was you, oh quirky Six Feet Under. I loved you for your writing, and your issues, and your flawed characters. We cried together – don’t you remember that?
Oh, my dear West Wing, I think I miss you the most. How could you end? How could you leave me there with Jimmy Santos as president and no follow up? I miss you but I shall never forget how you kept me company during my entire pregnancy. You were there for me.

And now, I’d like to introduce my new love and addiction.
I saw your first two episodes and thought I could resist your pull. But then I saw your third show and I knew I must have you. You are mine Entourage. All mine.


tracey said...

try rubbing alcohol(you know the stuff that is 50 cents a bottle in the states and 5.00 there) on the chair, I use it to get sharpie out of clothes and off plastic and everything else for that matter..

c3 said...

Hey Lady! I think you're losing it down there. Time to turn in your Kangaroo Keys and call it a day (or 2 years)... Otherwise I'm afraid TomKat's people my arrest you for stalking.

I asked Grandma Mary about the permanent marker issue, and I'll send along her response when I get it, in the mean time here are a few ideas from people with the same issue.

Good luck! We miss you!

c3 said...

Ok, Grandma Mary said to try ammonia, it won't hurt the fabric.

AKS said...

Pop quiz answers
1. Canberra (really?);
2. USA;
3. 6;
4. AU:21,817,770; USA: 306,696,050.

OK - other than No. 2, none of those were known to me without a little research help! I like the pop quiz idea, though!

Watch the Tudors next. It hooked me and continues to hook me. Never has King Henry VIII looked soooooooo good.

Good luck with your TomKat spotting: )

Miss you - Anna

Bugaloo said...

Oh how I love the Tuesday comments!
-Keep working the TomKat angle. We've cleaned out the little cabin for them next summer for a quick weekend get away. I mowed out a tent area for the papparazzi.
-I am with you on the handwashing. But as you recall, we both bragged about this then hacked our way through NYC.
-Also, FYI, Madden will be "super uninfectable child" when she gets older. Two years ago I thought we should have a keg of amoxocyline (sp?) in our kitchen; now we have been to the doctor only for check ups for the last two years. I never thought we would see the day.
-Oh how I am with you on the DVD's. It's impossible to stop with one. Also, try Weeds. Loved it. In your honor, I'll try some Entourage tonight.
-Miss you much. Just returned from cabin and I am sick (and I washed my hands).
xoxoxoxoxo A(3) & M

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

We also have the cold that keeps coming back. ugh.