Monday, September 29, 2008

41 weeks

41 Weeks. Really? This wasn’t supposed to happen.

Am I making too nice a home for this kid and he or she doesn’t want to come out?

We were SURE that it would happen this weekend. It hasn’t yet and doesn’t look likely.

Having no plans at all for the weekend was a bit odd for us. Each day we would just wake up and say, “OK, what now?” We managed to go and watch the Footy Grand Finals (like the Superbowl) broadcast on the big outdoor screen at Federation Square in downtown Melbourne. It was a sunny and hot day and I realize that we have suddenly stumbled into summer. No, we’ve been thrown into summer. That means every day I will be wearing the ONE and ONLY pair of summer capris that I own. Beige Capri pants and a purple T shirt is the look of the season apparently.

We’ve eaten out a fair amount this weekend…mainly concentrating on Vietnamese food (my latest craving). I realize that when my stomach growls it sounds like it’s coming from my spine. Where exactly are my stomach and intestines these days?

Today is Sunday and Eric and I wandered down to our favorite breakfast spot along the river. There were kids everywhere and many of them having tantrums. We began to talk about how most of our friends kids were pulling out from the baby and toddler years. We both have nephews and nieces in their 20’s and although some of our friends have babies still (bless your hearts for waiting as long as we did!), many have kids that are growing up now. We watched as they survived and “got through” those years. Eee gads! What were we thinking!

One of my friends who is trying to get pregnant wrote something wonderful about watching a kid in front of her at Kinko’s having a temper tantrum. She wrote, "How could I want something so badly that terrifies me so much?" I get that.

Another friend wrote me a kind email acknowledging that I had heard and witnessed many of the difficulties in raising kids and that no one really seems to talk enough about the joys of parenting.

People do talk about it “being wonderful”, but they leave out the specifics.
Perhaps it’s just easier to talk specifically about the times that are difficult.

Her exact words were this…”And the joy! the miraculousness of it all -- that is way harder to articulate than the challenges”

I needed that…thank you.


For those that are keeping score and wondering how their bet is coming along…There are officially still 6 of you in the running…

Unfortunately Eliminated...

Eric: 19th/boy/7lb, 4oz.
Hal: 20th/Boy/8lb,4oz.
Anna: 20th/Girl/7 pounds 2 ounce
Pep: 22nd (at 8:42 am your local time)/boy (Leo)/3.58 kilos (7.9lb
Beth: 23rd/Girl/7lb, 8oz.
Lori M: 23rd/Girl/8 lb,1 oz
Brandon: 23rd/Boy/45 pounds 11 ounces (8.5 for real)
Val and Steve: 25th/Boy/7 pounds, 12 ounces
Adam F: 26th/Girl/8lb, 2oz.
Nicolas: 26th/Girl/Weight unknown
Geraldine: 26th/Girl/7lb, 7.5 oz.
Linda G: 26th/boy (Noah or Levi)/7 lbs 8oz
Jenni: 26th/Girl/7lb,9oz.
Ann M: 26th/7lb 10oz./Boy (if girl name is Ann Elizabeth Tjossem after her aunt)
Amy S: 27th/Boy (Jean-Luc)/7lbs, 6 oz.
Laura O’B: 28th/Boy/8 pounds 3 ounces
Kristina: 28th/7 lbs. 8 oz./male

Still in the Running...

Jenn D: 29th/Boy/7lb, 7oz.
Mom Lampert: 29th/Boy or Girl (can’t decide)/7lb, 12oz.
Pete B: 29th/Boy/7.5 lb (born in the Conservatory with a candle stick)
Mark H: 29th/Girl/3.8 kilograms (8.4lb)
Christine: 30th/Girl/8lb, 6oz
Amy B: 30th/Girl/8 pounds 1 oz
Matt B: 30th/Boy/3.57 kilos (7.9 lbs)


Jenni said...

That's quite a belly your sporting! It is true good things come to those that wait. Some of the joys of parenthood:

That first smile, and every smile after it forever and ever.

Those slobbery first kisses.

Full-body hugs.

Endless giggles, both your kids and you.

More love than you can even imagine (really.)

Adam said...

Parenting is the greatest joy in my life, and it just keeps getting better. Some of those tantrums can even have a certain endearing quality, and when they're in public, you get to really learn about patience, love, understanding and acceptance.

Now go have that baby and get on with it!

Susanica said...

Hi Beth. I've decided that nothing I could write to you would convince you that the perfect little angel you give birth to will bring you joy, even while simultaneously testing your limits. I don't know how they do it, but they do. Can't wait to see pictures of little Magnus soon. I've decided Magnus would be a good name for your son. What do you think? -Pep

otrey3 said...

Good things equal "please" and "thank you you're welcome". Developmental milestones met (Alec is reaching!) Little warm bodies next to yours (and not so little). Happy dances. I love the happy dances.


Matt Brenengen said...

I'm going to win... Since I was the latest boy guess, I have it in the bag. I just told Alice that the prize for winning is that I get to name him. She thought Stephen was nice, but I think I am going to go with Ted!