Monday, September 22, 2008

Your votes...

The predictions are in and the following is the comprehensive list...

I personally find it interesting that no one choose to vote for the actual due date (the 24th)! The 26th was definately the most popular of times.

My lovely husband voted for the earliest date, but alas that time has come and gone and I am still GREAT with child.

Some of you chose to give the weight in Kilograms...I appreciate it because it sounds deceptively smaller. Pete B thought this was a game of Clue and added that the child would be born in the conservatory with a candlestick. My mom couldn't choose a gender and added "Either one would be just great, honey". Nicolas wouldn't choose a baby weight without knowing the specifics of my diet. I can confess that my diet consists of a healthy share of ice cream at the moment. Others chose to provide a name, or offer their own name as a tribute (Auntie Ann). And to Amy B...I know that the 30th is also your birthday, but wow, I hope it doesn't go that long!

By the was a relatively even split between male/female: 13 predictions for a boy and 10 predictions for girl.

Eric: 19th/boy/7lb, 4oz.

Hal: 20th/Boy/8lb,4oz.

Anna: 20th/Girl/7 pounds 2 ounces

Pep: 22nd (at 8:42 am your local time)/boy (Leo)/3.58 kilos (7.9lb)

Beth: 23rd/Girl/7lb, 8oz.

Lori M: 23rd/Girl/8 lb,1 oz.

Brandon: 23rd/Boy/45 pounds 11 ounces (8.5 for real)

Val and Steve: 25th/Boy/7 pounds, 12 ounces

Adam F: 26th/Girl/8lb, 2oz.

Nicolas: 26th/Girl/Weight unknown

Geraldine: 26th/Girl/7lb, 7.5 oz.

Linda G: 26th/boy (Noah or Levi)/7 lbs 8oz

Jenni: 26th/Girl/7lb,9oz.

Ann M: 26th/7lb 10oz./Boy (if girl name is Ann Elizabeth Tjossem after her aunt)

Amy S: 27th/Boy (Jean-Luc)/7lbs, 6 oz.

Laura O’B: 28th/Boy/8 pounds 3 ounces

Kristina: 28th/7 lbs. 8 oz./male

Jenn D: 29th/Boy/7lb, 7oz.

Mom Lampert: 29th/Boy or Girl (can’t decide)/7lb, 12oz.

Pete B: 29th/Boy/7.5 lb (born in the Conservatory with a candle stick)

Mark H: 29th/Girl/3.8 kilograms (8.4lb)

Christine: 30th/Girl/8lb, 6oz.

Amy B: 30th/Girl/8 pounds 1 oz

Matt B: 30th/Boy/3.57 kilos (7.9 lbs)


otrey3 said...

I love Pete's Clue reference. Gotta get to a show!

Katherine, you sound just like the proud grandmother that you are.


AKS said...

I was really hoping to come into work and have the birth of your baby announced on the blog... It will happen soon - I can just feel it! The anticipation is killing me!