Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tired and Happy

I have so much to say. So so so much! But finding the time to actually sit down and write a long entry is a bit tricky.

I have a notebook that I kept with me at the has several phrases and things written in shorthand to jog my memory and help me to compose the blog of all blogs.

Have I written it yet? Ha!
Yesterday I was sitting on the floor playing with Madden when I caught a glimpse of the apartment in the mirror. In view was a stroller strewn with blankets and burp cloths, a couch filled with partially folded laundry, a room filled with bouquets of massive and bizarre Australian flowers, unopened mail galore, and a pile of dishes on the counter.

The whole scene made me laugh.

As I type this now, the setting in our place doesn't look much different. I keep feeling like there are 14 things I need to get to at any given time and but I accomplish none of them. And yet, if my child is fed, clothed, and content, I feel like I've achieved everything.

So...there is so much to say...but it will all have to wait.

I just have to realize that saying a little bit is enough for now.

That...and photos.

Hopefully photos will suffice.

Especially this last one...

Welcome, my dear Eric, to a house of women...


Amy said...

welcome to parenthood... feeling like you've achieved everything and nothing all at the same time... She's beautiful and we've been waiting none too patiently for pictures.. Thanks! (Lots of love...Amy (and KRISTI!)

AKS said...

The photos are amazing and yes, they definitely keep the crowds at bay until you have more time to write, which may not be for a long time : ) She is beautiful and we are counting down the days until we get to meet her in person.

otrey3 said...

Yay for the new pictures! You two look great, and Madden is adorable. Totally, totally adorable It was hard to see her via webcam, so it's great to see these.

The laundry, mail, and every other thing can wait at LEAST another week and certainly until your Catherine joins you. Sigh. Miss you. Wish we could see this in person. But this is pretty good.


Anonymous said...

Now you understand the true meaning of the word prioritize. The dust, the dirt, the mess doesn't mean a thing. Remember at your shower when we talked about how you thought you would have lots of time to get things done? And somehow nothing gets done, except the baby is fed, clothed, changed and content. The only thing that matters is that beautiful little girl and each other.
Loved the pictures...I'VE BEEN WAITING!!!!
.Auntie Ann

Anonymous said...

So good to see the "new" pictures of our new Granddaughter. She DOES look like a Tjossem! Whenever anyone came to visit baby & me in the hospital & went to the nursery, they always KNEW which one was the Tjossem Baby...w/o even looking at the name! She's beautiful & I know how much Catherine is looking forward to seeing her & hugging her for ME, too! G'ma will be a big help getting your life back in order! Love you all! Mom/MIL/G'ma
P.S. Loved the pic of Eric & his little girl, too!

TV Promo Gal said...

I'm not just saying this... she is a gorgeous baby!! And YOU.... you, my dear, are still an awesome writer. I want to see you use that skill someday. Perhaps it will have to wait until Madden (and her little brother) is off to college. BUT USE IT! You are truly blessed in many respects and I am honored that I get the occasional glimpse of your wonderful life. XOXOXO Linda

Jenni said...

She's so gorgeous.

You don't need to do anything other than take care of Madden and yourself. Seriously. Showering is consider and act of heroism the first few months post partum.

Susanica said...

Hi Beth! She is incredibly adorable and I love the pictures. We actually tried to Skype you from Amy's house the weekend after she was born (Laura O. was with us too.) But unfortunately we missed you. I have a feeling we'll see you before too, too long. Have a wonderful day and hugs to that little angel of yours! -Monica

Jepstr67 said...

.....and pow, instant family! Looks like fun.