Friday, October 31, 2008

Wouldn't you like to be on a 14 hour flight seated next to us?

A solid month has gone by and I can't account for anything I've done. I've lived in baby world for the past four weeks. I birthed a baby, slept a little, and occassionally took a shower and fed myself. On the rare day that I decide to go somewhere, I can usually manage to get out the door by 3pm.

If you are one of the folks who has kindly emailed me, or tried to skype call me, I am getting them and I do appreciate it...but I can't seem to get ANYTHING done.

During the first week, I seemed to be able to do things, but for the past three weeks, we have been continually rocking and soothing a very unhappy little girl. Both baby and mom have been very weepy as a result. Finally, after a bit of trial and error, it seems that my child is allergic to whatever I'm eating as well as whatever formula has been given to her.

The diagnostic process has involved oodles of medication, formula, screaming, spitting up, pumping, lots of advice, herbal treatments, worry, frantic parents, lack of sleep, tears, reading of every child help book we can, and many doctors visits. Our sweet little girl can be so peaceful at rest and giggles and coos and squeeks...but when she starts to cramp up and arch, it's a long process to get things right again.
We are still experimenting, but it is SO time consuming. I can't feed her myself but want to keep up any supply I have and so I am pumping all the time. I feel like a cow. In the meantime, she is on this expensive formula that Eric and I refer to as liquid gold. It's the best solution so far until I can get her to stop rejecting me. Such emotion surrounds this!

Now I'm on some crazy diet that makes Weight Watchers seem easy.
The list of "can't have's" include all dairy products, soy, wheat, nuts, fish, and eggs.
If you are asking yourself, "Well, what can you eat." I would just like to say, "Amen to that."

Where is Mississippi Market when you need it?


Susanica said...

Hi Beth. I was so happy to see you'd posted and then so sorry to hear that Madden has had such difficulties digesting what she's taking in. It sounds like you and Eric have been working full time to figure out how to best solve things so that she can just be her happy little self. You must be so tired!

Is there anything we can do to help? Could you post (or send me)a wish list of every single thing you wish you could get at Mississippi Market right now? I know you're going to return to the US in December for Christmas, but in the meanwhile we'd be happy to ship a box of whatever you need off to you.

I know it's tough right now but I hope with the steps you're taking it's going to get better soon. And to answer your question about whether I'd like to be seated on a 14 hour flight next to you guys? Heck yes! I'd want to hold little Madden over my shoulder and walk her sleepy little self up and down the aisle the whole flight so you two could get 14 straight hours of sleep.

Hang in there Beth. And send me that list pronto! -Monica

otrey3 said...

Oh, honey, I so wish I could ease this time for you. You'll figure it all out and get Madden comfy. You'll probably be in great health yourself, too! WOW! Your diet is going to be very pure. (Darn glutens)

Isn't formula crazy expensive? When I had to wean Harry so early, I was stunned at how pricey it is. BUT, you do what you do. Even if the breast-feeding doesn't turn out how you want you'll rest knowing you Honest to God did EVERYthing to make it work. She'll thrive either way.

We love you! Happy One Month to Madden! And Happy Halloween.

--LOBS and family

Anonymous said...

OK...there is nothing worse than knowing your child is in pain and you can't help her. Hang in there, it is a process and you will figure it out.
The good news in all of this, is that Madden won't remember it! That used to get me through the shots, pokes, prods and the rest of the medical stuff that happened to my kids.
Hugs to you...I promise to take Madden so you can get some uninterrupted sleep. It will revive and refresh you.

Happy 1 month birthday Madden!!

Auntie Ann

AKS said...

In fact there's nothing I would want more than to spend 14 hours on a flight next to you!!!! 14 hours of uninterrupted Beth, Enrique and Madden time sounds glorious!
I'm truly sorry that Madden is rejecting what sounds like most everything you consume. That sucks... a lot. Is there anything we can send you or do, other than send you all the good karma we can from thousands of miles away? Please put us on your list of baby watchers when you get home. I've watched plenty of babies who have screamed for hours on end. It's not exactly the most fun time, but you're time home should be a time to rest, relax and repair both emotionally and physically.
I'm thinking about you a lot!!!! Hang in there! You'll be home soon with a huge circle of family and friends who can't wait to see you and do anything for you.

Bugaloo said...

Agreed with all comments above! Take the zings of joy gleefully, and slog through the tough moments. You'll make it -- all of you will. Hang in there navigating the doctors, advice -- all while totally sleep deprived. We too are on the babysitting list. Scratch that. Matt is on the babysitting list. I'm on the "let's go to the spa" list. Or wherever you want to go...or if you just want to come to our house and sleep. xoxoxoxox Amy Bren

AKS said...

I want to be on the spa list too!

Jenni said...

I'm so sorry to hear your first weeks have been so rough. It sounds like you are doing all you can - try to take heart in that. Also, take heart in the fact that these days, as hard as they are, will in the end be very, very few. There are so many glorious days of parenthood ahead of you, I promise.

TV Promo Gal said...

My heart goes out to you. Been there done that with Alex... and then Noah - still doing a lot of that with Noah 8 years AFTER the birth :-)
Hang in there sweetie. If I can do anything, email me!
Love to all,

Bugaloo said...

Hello there eandedownunder! Have you retired from blogging like I think I have? That would be sad. You are so good at it!