Sunday, May 2, 2010

Platypus Diaries #7

This is the seventh entry in the diary of my pregnancy. Because it would amount to many pages of reading to cover September through to the present day in one post, I've broken this up into readable bits. Here is part seven:

Platypus Diaries #7

January 17, 2010
Cheese corn. Why doesn’t this country have cheese corn?

January 18
24 weeks today. The weather was a perfect 73 degrees and we went out on a family bike ride. The bicycle seat was our gift to Madz when she turned 1 year old. It was more like a gift for ourselves (which you can get away with when they are just 1!). Toddler girl loves her bike seat, tolerates the helmet, and we love the freedom that this has brought. I was pregnant when we purchased the seat and knew that my days of riding a bike were numbered. Admittedly, I probably shouldn’t be on the bike now but I just couldn’t resist a day like today. Eric carried the backpack diaper bag and Madden on his bike and all I had to do was pedal my own power. Still, I kept slipping farther and farther behind the two of them. A high pitched, exasperated yell of “Slow down” became my mantra. I tried to keep up and would finally round a bend and find the two of them waiting for me. They would be cheery and rested and I would ride up panting and laughing like some sort of crazed asthmatic. We eventually stopped at a park and stopped again for lunch along the path. We rode slowly and scenically home along the trail. The return trip faired much better despite the pride swallowing event of being passed by a bicycle riding pack of six year olds.

February 22, 2010
29 weeks already.
It’s been hot here. 90 plus degrees every weekend and I can’t stop complaining. Wow, pregnant in summer is more difficult than pregnant in winter.

Madden and I went to the pool yesterday while Eric went to the grocery store. I just couldn’t take the heat and HAD to get to the pool. We were there about 45 minutes in total. 30 minutes of it were great – life altering – cooling – relaxing -and refreshing as we both just sat and played in the kiddie pool. For the last 15 minutes of our time, Madden had a tantrum of magnificent proportions. She was exhausted, frustrated by other kids in the pool, and hungry. Everyone was staring at the two of us as I finally wrangled her from running around the pool, laid her screaming little body onto the towel and changed her kicking legs out of swim nappy and into dry nappy and cover up. Then I had to try and keep her contained as I dried off and threw a cover up over my massive bikini clad self. Her sobs were incredible and another woman at the pool who was managing her FOUR boys regarded me sympathetically. She faired better with her four than I did with my one.
By the time Eric rounded the pick up circle, I was a wet mess holding and hugging a tear stained little girl. She was holding me tightly, gasping, and resting her head on my shoulder. I was happy to have all those cuddles coming my way. I guess after the tantrum comes the sweetness.

28 Feb
We’ve worked out what we’re going to do with Madden when I go into labor. OK, are you ready for this plan? We have some British friends here that are also expecting a child and their baby is due just a week before ours. They have a daughter who is 2 ½ and no family support around either. We have decided between the four of us adults, we can work something out.
Of course, if we go into labor at the same time, we are all equally in trouble. At least I'll have a friend in the hospital with me.

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