Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Platypus Diaries Part #8

This is the eighth entry in the diary of my pregnancy. Because it would amount to many pages of reading to cover September through to the present day in one post, I've broken this up into readable bits. Here is part eight:

Platypus Diaries #8

4 March
30 weeks along. My body is definitely not my own. This little girl or boy in my belly is surely going to be a soccer player.
People are starting to comment on my body and I’m feeling increasingly self conscious. Yes, I’m pregnant. No, I’m not having twins. Yes, I do notice that you are looking at my belly (or my chest). No, it doesn’t help to know that so and so was smaller than me or that so and so was bigger than me (ok, I lie, that last one does help a bit).

The ONLY appropriate thing to say to a pregnant woman is the following statement, “You look beautiful.” It may be the biggest lie you’ve ever told, but PLEASE remember this and don’t say anything else, even if the pregnant woman is your best friend/daughter/wife/sister/etc and you feel entirely comfortable in commenting about your bodies at any other time. Repeat after me, “You look Beautiful.” That’s all you need to say. We can all go about our business living the lie.

11 March
Glucose challenge time. This is the stage in the pregnancy where one is required to drink a sugar infused beverage (sort of like a concentrated sprite with 3 times the amount of sugar), followed by a few blood tests an hour later. The end results provide details on whether a patient has gestational diabetes. My results were fine – no diabetes – hooray.
However, the doctor did say that my Vitamin D was low and that my iron was “VERY low”. He didn’t say how low but I know doctors don’t use the word ‘very’ lightly, so I’m now on some iron supplements.

17 March
I’m tired of being hot. According to the newspaper, this is the longest warm stretch that Melbourne has ever experienced. It’s not unbearable heat, but it’s somewhat unrelenting. High 80’s/low 90’s day after day. I find I wear the same outfits to work about every 4 days. I keep thinking I’ll be pulling out the fall wardrobe any day now, but I may make it through to Mat leave on just a limited summer preg wardrobe.

18 March
Unable to take the heat and sick of my clothing, I stopped in a maternity store and asked if they had any markdowns on summer items. Talk about perfect timing! There was a whole rack that had just been marked down to $20 per item. Found a great maxi dress, originally $140, now just $20. The same with a shirt and a pair of Capri jeans. Ahh, so decadent to have a small clothing infusion this late in the game.

20 March
Friday. On Monday I thought I wouldn’t be able to finish out the week at work. I was exhausted, hot, and faint. Today, two of my coworkers and one customer told me how much better I looked. When pushed, each person told me how white and unwell I had been looking for the last several weeks.
I must admit I do feel SO MUCH BETTER than I have for about a month. I haven’t really noticed my own paleness, but I have noticed that I feel faint A LOT. Do you suppose the iron supplements have made the difference?
If that’s the case, I’m glad to have them and wish I’d taken that blood test earlier!

21 March
Went to a movie yesterday– seats didn’t recline. Baby awake entire time and kicking and rolling in my belly. The movie was “The Hurt Locker.” I really wanted to get into it, but I was so uncomfortable that it made it difficult to concentrate.
At one point, I tried to be funny and asked Eric if he thought it would be rude if I took off my pants.
He shushed me.

22 March, 2010
33 weeks pregnant. 7 weeks remaining.
Weight gain so far: 11.5 kilos/ 25 pounds
Maximum amount that I was hoping to gain for duration of pregnancy: 25 pounds

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